Backup WindowsXP Drivers

Since I am a programmer, many people come up to me with requests to fix their computers (I know right!, I need to get this thinkgeek shirt). Anyway one of the issue I face often is getting all the drivers up and running after a reformat, especially the??Ethernet??drivers. Since I was just asked to do yet another PC (that joke is getting old right), I decided to backup the drivers prior to formatting to save some time in the process.

After some googling (no will never use the bing), and some research (right click my computer, hardware and checking on the??Ethernet??driver location), I figured out that a safe bet to get the divers would be to backup the system32drivers??directory. The lazy programmer in me decided to make a script so that I don’t even have to remember that. The script attached here, should copy the drivers to a folder in your “My Documents” called driverbackup. Since gmail, is not allowing me to send it as a .bat, i am renaming it to .bat.stupidgmail so please remove the stupidgmail extention??

This post is more for safekeeping of my batch script than anything??

Also, I haven’t posted on posterous for a while, its really cool to blog via email, I should do it more often.