Blogging again

I used to have  a posterous blog (even before it was renamed spaces, and then shutdown post twitter acquisition). What made me post frequently is the ability to easily post by email. Since the shutdown I have posted a few short tidbits on coderwall but nothing substantial. I have been also posting on my company’s blog. I have been procrastinating setting up my own blog ever since then.

Finally I have gotten around to setting up a simple wordpress install with a few plugins to recreate my posterous setup. Namely using postie with an email mailbox that I can post to. I am considering using WordPress Jetpack … but hesitant to do so.

Tmux – Attach to Different Windows

I am (was) a big time GNU Screen user. Once byobu arrived, I was a big fan of that and switched to it (byobu, is basically a fancy/pretty .screenrc). Byobu shortly after made Tmux the default and I was slow in adopting the use of Tmux instead of screen. Recently though I decided to embrace Tmux for its claimed lightweight. There are a few variations which once embraced can actually be a good thing.