Finally fixed my Ubuntu upgrade issues

Was having subtle issues ever since I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10. The major issues were all fixed the day I upgraded but the subtle issues showed up after. To be honest I cannot really blame the issues on Ubuntu, they may have not been the upgrade at fault with the issues I finally fixed today but rather some buggy software that made it into Ubuntu. Also probably being 64bit had a lot to do with it.

Can you be any more subtle?

I have always thought of tickets as being something that is in place to protect and serve. Many people have slandered the institution that issues such tickets claiming it is a means of generating revenue, but I had always thought that it must not be the primary purpose of the system. Well it seems I am wrong, atleast in terms of the city of Halifax / HRM where I currently reside. Here is the link to the info on parking tickets in the HRM,, were they keyword targetting (SEO) genrev?

One of the perks of living in Halifax 🙂

Rogers Wireless’ Software Engineers Skipped Math

I have consistently had issues with Rogers Wireless’ incompetence. I wish I would find out where to apply as a Software Engineer so I can look at the, pardon my french, crappy code that powers their Accounting & Billing. Back in 2006 they have managed to delete my plan and charge me big bucks for every single minute. I have heard horror stories behind Rogers’ bills. I keep noticing minor things all along sometimes I ignore them and sometimes I complain, but it is truly a crappy system that I have absolutely no trust for. What triggered this post, is the funniest thing ever! On my latest Rogers bill, it says from my 10MB Data Roaming plan I have utilized the full 20480.00 KB (20 MB?), apparently I also went over that by 930KB, but you know what I don’t trust any of these numbers so I am going to let it go, they are crooks and they can’t count too.

How to turn an iMac on.

Thanks to I learnt how to turn on an iMac. Stupid Apple!


Edit: The link seems broken now … the power button is basically on the back of the iMac in the lower left corner (when looking at it from the front, bottom right if looking at it from the back).

Penny Auctions: They’re Gambling

I didn’t understand the concept at first, but Jeff Attwood is right (link below)! Although I don’t usually agree with him, this is not an opinion it is a fact. Penny Auctions are not auctions, they are simply Gambling. Why?

How do they work, you spend a certain amount, say 1$ to bid on an item, the last person to press bid wins! So if you are the last person to hit bid you win even though you only spent 1$ and everyone else who bid before you lost all their money!

Important Information about Google Buzz Class Action Settlement

I was forwarded an email recently with the subject line “Important Information about Google Buzz Class Action Settlement”. At first I thought it could be a hoax, after annalyzing the headers it seemed legit enough, atleast it seems like someone managed to either spoof or hacked into it to send spam. Seems like a lot of trouble for quite a harmless email.
The email talks about how Google want’s to settle with every American who uses Google and was possibly affected by Google Buzz lack of privacy and auto subscription when it first launched. After some googling it seems like the email is Legit (see links below) 

The email also includes the following statement:
This mandatory announcement was sent to all Gmail users in the United States as part of a legal settlement and was authorized by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.
That just seems wack. I am not aware if this has ever been done before! A class action lawsuit to be settled via email and an ugly website. Yes they point you to a website that seems kind of ugly for Google’s standards, and makes you think the whole thing is fake (link below).

So I guess Google is setting a precedent here in settling lawsuits, this is kind of cool. i am glad I got to know about this although I am up in Canada. I wonder why Google didn’t care to settle with everyone and not just people that have United States set in their Google profiles? Do they not care about everyone else just because they probably wont be able to sue them?

Interesting …


Edit: It seems the ugly website is no google’s fault, its their lawyers at that seem to have set it up. The lawyer firm’s website is equally ugly. But hey good lawyers probably have ugly websites :p

My Very first Android Build, bootv2.4.1 systemV6.1-rc3-arabic

At my second attempt (after a previously failed attempt) to compile my very own android build for my etna using openetna as the base, I decided to replace the CM (CyanogenMod) webkit with a fork that fixes Aabic in terms of both RTL and ReShaping. It takes a while to sync the repos and compile all the pieces to android (even on my 6 core AMD Phenom II X6 1055T). I haven’t timed the build, but I can confirm that it started after 6:45am and was done before 12pm (America/Halifax timezone). If you would like to build my mix and matched android which as of today would build openetna systemV6.1-rc3 with arabic enabled, you can do the following.

Trusting Radio Activated Things

A few days ago, I was jumping into my car and used the unlock button on my car keys when a colleague of mine noticed that a nearby garage door had opened. I thought nothing of it, he thought that it was freaky, so to prove to him it had nothing to do with me I pressed the unlock button again and the garage door closed!

I always thought that this was only possible with older devices, I always trusted that with today’s level of encryption you would not be able to get such a thing happening. I wonder if that garage door’s opener would unlock my car. What a scary world we live in, there are many things that are implemented poorly and yet we rely on it greatly.