Finally fixed my Ubuntu upgrade issues

Was having subtle issues ever since I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10. The major issues were all fixed the day I upgraded but the subtle issues showed up after. To be honest I cannot really blame the issues on Ubuntu, they may have not been the upgrade at fault with the issues I finally fixed today but rather some buggy software that made it into Ubuntu. Also probably being 64bit had a lot to do with it.

I had issues printing, I have a Brother HL-3040CN which is well supported in Linux and particularly in Ubuntu. Brother provides drivers that work awesomely with Linux (so Brother, from now on I will buy all my printers from you). Kept banging my head against the wall and today it is fixed but not because I was fixing it, but rather trying to get a piece of software running that refused to start.
The software mentioned above, is TeamViewer. Although it is a commercial piece of software and I feal strongly against commercial software, this is an awesome piece of software. It is basically VNC for dummies. It allows you to remote conenct to PC’s without having to worry about Firewalls, Port Forwarding … which makes my life easier when somebody says: “Can you please have a look at my computer, …”. Today I tried installing it on my 64bit Ubuntu and it wouldn’t start, the teamviewer logs showed it cannot find a file that it was trying to execute, and the file was clearly there. Which in the linux world usually means something is wrong bigtime. I kept installing, and uninstalling teamviewer, once I found out that the wine library it uses was built in 32bit, reinstalled the 32bit libs and still nothing. However, I started to look into the ldconfig error message I was ignoring since the upgrade, which said something about /usr/lib32/ not being a symlink and three other libbrasero files. I checked dpkg -S to see if these files were owned by any package but no luck there. I even went ahead and uninstalled all the brasero and libbrasero packages and still no luck. Since these files were not owned by anyone I went ahead and removed them: sudo rm -fr /usr/lib32/libbrasero-*.
After a sudo ldconfig that was it, everything started working again printer, teamviewer and probably other things. And the pesky message when I install things with aptitude is gone (aptitude is way better than apt-get even without super cow powers).
That saved me a fresh install of Ubuntu, for now! Let’s see what happens in April.