My Very first Android Build, bootv2.4.1 systemV6.1-rc3-arabic

At my second attempt (after a previously failed attempt) to compile my very own android build for my etna using openetna as the base, I decided to replace the CM (CyanogenMod) webkit with a fork that fixes Aabic in terms of both RTL and ReShaping. It takes a while to sync the repos and compile all the pieces to android (even on my 6 core AMD Phenom II X6 1055T). I haven’t timed the build, but I can confirm that it started after 6:45am and was done before 12pm (America/Halifax timezone). If you would like to build my mix and matched android which as of today would build openetna systemV6.1-rc3 with arabic enabled, you can do the following.

  1. Follow instructions at replacing the android_manifest.git url when initializing the repo to my fork of the android manifest such that it looks like:
    repo init -u git:// -b froyo
  2. Get the system.img and boot.img from out/target/product/eve/ and follow install procedures from (if you are upgrading from any OpenEtna froyo build, no need to wipe your user data, you will also need to find google apps as per instructions on the wiki page).
  3. ???
  4. Profit 😉 (is this getting too old?)
Overall, building android, with what the openetna setup is super easy, what an awesome project openetna has going.

Edit: I have uploaded the built system and boot images to
Edit: there seems to be an issue with the google-apps instructions on the wiki, the google apps will not be automatically installed on reboot with all 6.1-rc3, to install them you must run the following commands:

adb remountadb shell

or, I prefer:

adb shellmount -o 'rw,remount' /system

then installing google apps (assuming you downloaded and pushed the google apps zip as per wiki instructions:

unzip -o /sdcard/ -x 'META-INF*' -d /reboot

Edit: there are lots of bugs filed against RC3, so I am reverting back to rc2, I will see if I can get Y6b webkit working with an rc2 build or just wait for the next rc.