What is an OS launch party?

An Operating System Launch Party, is one where people get together to celebrate the release of a certain operating system. Often in these parties, guests learn about cool new features of the operating system and get to install it on their machines. Linux flavours have had many launch parties in the past, the most widespread fo these parties must be the Ubuntu Launch Parties, they take place every six months (wow a new operating system every six months) all over the globe. There are many reasons for the success of the Ubuntu Launch Parties and the (predicted) fail of the Windows 7 Launch parties.

Parties originate from the Users

Launch Parties are pushed by the users not any corporate entity promoting the operating system. It is truly mind boggling* how a corporate entity is trying to get people to celebrate in their own homes something which they may not feel attached to. And how can you be attached to any software that asks you to fork over lump sums of money and in many cases treats any bug reports you send as misuse of their software (another mind boggling issue that is a subject of an entirely separate post). Emotional attachment to software is important, normally this was only experienced by the developers. However, free open source softwares have unveiled that this attachment can extend to the users. A discovery that was not observed with years of proprietary software.

Updated my code to do X

Doesn’t it bug you when you see commit messages that say ‘Updated my code to have this cool new feature’, I am going to confess I do that too. However, it makes no sense. Ofcourse the code was updated, if it wasn’t then you wouldn’t have anything to checkin. Similarly, ‘Added a new feature to do X Y Z’ is anoying. You can probably come up with millions of annoying commit messages. A better alternative would simply say ‘X Y Z’, if your in the habbit of formatting your commit messages (which you should), then maybe it would say.

My First Blog Post

I have always been procrastinating on installing a blog engine at http://nassrat.ca. My latest idea was to write a blog in Django, who isn’t am I right ?!

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts. Sending posts via email through to posterous will definitely make it easier. I gots lots to rant across many different topics, so stay tuned for some seriously controversial posts.

EDIT: Dec 2014, as you may know posterous went away in 2013 and I finally got to install wordpress and a nice looking theme. All the old posts are imported here and hopefully many new ones to come.