Recovering files from a Ghost 4 Linux/Unix bzipped image (G4U/G4L)

Recently a colleague of mine used G4L to backup his disk. G4L is nice and handy if you want to backup an entire disk in zipped (bz2) format and ship it off to an ftp server for backup. We now needed to recover some files off that backup. The issue is all of our machines are identical, and since the backup was a lowlevel image of the entire disk, unzipping the img would not be possible. This post describes the steps I took to manage to mount partitions out of the bzipped image.

Doing some research, it became apparent that G4L uses Gnu DD behind the scenes to create the disk image. Basically G4L is a wrapper around dd to make it easier to perform networked backups. This was great as it meant that I did not have to deal with proprietery or weird formats.

Daylight Savings Time

Ah, how much I hate daylight savings time, it is really too much work to go turning back all the clocks. You know whats even worse, my cell phone!.  I guess my teleco provider keeps track of time, and I believe I selected the option to pickup the time from the teleco towers, anyway it automatically changed the time for me this mroing. However, all historical times on my phone were shifted back an hour. So now if I need to find out when I received a previous missed calls or text messages I need to load up my zoneinfo table and figure out when DST was in effect and do the math.