My Very first Android Build, bootv2.4.1 systemV6.1-rc3-arabic

At my second attempt (after a previously failed attempt) to compile my very own android build for my etna using openetna as the base, I decided to replace the CM (CyanogenMod) webkit with a fork that fixes Aabic in terms of both RTL and ReShaping. It takes a while to sync the repos and compile all the pieces to android (even on my 6 core AMD Phenom II X6 1055T). I haven’t timed the build, but I can confirm that it started after 6:45am and was done before 12pm (America/Halifax timezone). If you would like to build my mix and matched android which as of today would build openetna systemV6.1-rc3 with arabic enabled, you can do the following.

Trusting Radio Activated Things

A few days ago, I was jumping into my car and used the unlock button on my car keys when a colleague of mine noticed that a nearby garage door had opened. I thought nothing of it, he thought that it was freaky, so to prove to him it had nothing to do with me I pressed the unlock button again and the garage door closed!

I always thought that this was only possible with older devices, I always trusted that with today’s level of encryption you would not be able to get such a thing happening. I wonder if that garage door’s opener would unlock my car. What a scary world we live in, there are many things that are implemented poorly and yet we rely on it greatly.