How Swap works (in Linux)

I was recently asked how swap works, and it turns out, I knew nothing about how it really worked … i.e. when, what and why does a linux kernel move memory into swap space. Its probably because I hate swap and I actually disable it on my desktop/laptop/netbook systems I own. I decided to learn more about swap and found this awesome article on Linux weekly ( which describes this behaviour exactly¬†

Hating the Ubuntu Upgrade Process

I recently upgraded to the Precise Pangolin (12.05) … but it wasn’t a simple process. I had issues regarding dependency breakage which is probably a result of some of the ppa’s I had installed. After deleting some of the packages I had installed from ppa’s (e.g. Gimp 2.7, … its all I could remember) the upgrade seemed to go through fine. Of-course I had tried to upgrade using the nifty gui tool, the first few times and then went ahead with the command line tool. By the time I figured out the dependency issue I was using the command line tool.