Asus RT-N66U broken power switch and how I learnt to stop worrying and love google

Walked into the office this morning to find that there is no wifi. Checked the router and found that the power switch doesn’t turn on. Just keeps flipping back to off. After calling a co-founder and asking her to stop by the store on her way in to pick up a new one. I took the tools and decided to open the router up and see whats making the power button not click closed. Before opening it up I decided to do a quick google search and found that this is a well known issue [1][2][3]! I was amazed how an expensive router can have such a faulty power switch, kind of absurd, shame on you ASUS.

One of the threads on a forum indicated that many people had success by taping the button in with a couple of pennies. Since I couldn’t find any pennies around the office, I used round headed thumb tacks with their pins removed instead. Worked like a charm.

The moral of the story is, always have google handy.

  • Joe Flack

    Lol. I came to your blog to read your ‘uWSGI vs Gunicorn’ post. But then I ran into this. Funny enough, I had the same issue today myself. With my Windows PC, that is. But I do have an ASUS motherboard. Put the button back together, and that still didn’t work too well. Jumping the computer with a screwdriver directly to the motherboard power switch, for now, lol.

  • forextor

    I just joined this club… my ASUS RT-AC66U power button will not hold and keep going to off. So I did what you jus did… sellotaped it so that it will stick to the on position. Damn ASUS…. I love this router… but mechanical flaw like this is not acceptable.

  • woswas denni

    open the router, palce metal inside between nob and chassi, jcut down a little bit of the nob to make it fit but still pressing. done. solid solution, or bring it to someone to solder a shortcut

  • mikema

    #metoo. tape and pennies works!

  • Trump Is Lying Filth

    I ended up tearing open the router, grabbing the power switch spring with some needle nose pliers, and pulling it out, then superglued the switch in the ON position.

  • mmmmmm