Daylight Savings Time

Ah, how much I hate daylight savings time, it is really too much work to go turning back all the clocks. You know whats even worse, my cell phone!.  I guess my teleco provider keeps track of time, and I believe I selected the option to pickup the time from the teleco towers, anyway it automatically changed the time for me this mroing. However, all historical times on my phone were shifted back an hour. So now if I need to find out when I received a previous missed calls or text messages I need to load up my zoneinfo table and figure out when DST was in effect and do the math.

Nick thune has a sketch about how we should stop saving daylight time and start spending it. He has a joke about how we shouldn’t be doing complicated math to figure out what the time is, which is exactly what I have to do with my cell phone.

The wikipedia article on DST shows many disadvantages compared to a few advantages on the use of DST. Funnily it also shows a map of the world which is color coded based on countries that observe DST, countries that no longer observe DST and countries that never observed DST. Although we may not be as smart as Somalia whom never observed DST, we should learn from India and drop this DST nonsense.