Rogers Wireless’ Software Engineers Skipped Math

I have consistently had issues with Rogers Wireless’ incompetence. I wish I would find out where to apply as a Software Engineer so I can look at the, pardon my french, crappy code that powers their Accounting & Billing. Back in 2006 they have managed to delete my plan and charge me big bucks for every single minute. I have heard horror stories behind Rogers’ bills. I keep noticing minor things all along sometimes I ignore them and sometimes I complain, but it is truly a crappy system that I have absolutely no trust for. What triggered this post, is the funniest thing ever! On my latest Rogers bill, it says from my 10MB Data Roaming plan I have utilized the full 20480.00 KB (20 MB?), apparently I also went over that by 930KB, but you know what I don’t trust any of these numbers so I am going to let it go, they are crooks and they can’t count too.